Intimate Wedding + Elopement Photographer

My heart & passion


Now a days, anyone can pick up a camera and point + shoot. However, it’s how an individual values emotion, stories and experiences that makes someone stand out. I value emotion and am a lover of authentic, candid moments that tell a story. 

I love getting to be a part of all these amazing love stories, capturing your dearest memories, both the life changing moments & the ordinary treasures. Now I want to capture that love and that happiness for you two. The love, passion, giggles, nose crinkles, and everything in between. I'm so honoured and excited to be part of it all. You deserve gorgeous photos that will last forever. 


Meet Maddie


I am a traveling wedding + elopement photographer based out of the beautiful province of Ontario. I am full of love for wildflowers, nature, animals, starry nights, home decor shops, and seeing as much of this world as I possibly can. When I’m not behind a camera you can usually find me decorating my home for the millionth time, quoting movies, trying to keep my succulent family alive (harder than you think), playing with my kitten Leo DiCATprio, dancing at concerts, binge watching Friends and/or The Office, petting every dog I see, and hiking the mountains.

I am the wedding photographer for the happy, laid back couples who crave adventure and value emotion over perfection. I'm the photographer who connects with the individuals who stray away from traditional, and prefer unconventional, modern boho style, plan to wed at their cottage, in a barn, in the mountains, or in a field of wildflowers. My documenting style is about capturing the candid, emotional moments while also creating natural emotion. and movement.

Outdoorsy weddings with puppies & flower crowns are what excite me most, but what is most important to me is the relationships I build with my clients. I'm full of sarcasm, energy, and positivity. I'm adventurous & I love connecting with people.